Architectural Review

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ARC Committee Members: Jeoff Greenfield.


mailboxMAILBOXES: There are now three approved mailbox styles in our neighbhorhood. The green wood version that was installed by Ryland when your home was built, the Wendover Model from Carolina Mailboxes, or the one from Watson Steel and Iron.
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Improvements made to your home or your property (lot) may need approval. You should consult the Neighborhod Covenants and the HOA Rules and Regulations to determine if you should submit a request for approval BEFORE you begin any project.


In order to expedite your Linwood Farms Architectural review please be sure to include all the documentation that will be needed to consider your request for approval. The following checklist was developed to help ensure your request is handled promptly:

STEP ONE: Completed Architectural Review Request Form

The Linwood Farms Architectural Request Form must be completed in its entirety, signed and dated.

STEP TWO: Project Description

This must include all dimensions, description of building materials and color of material as described in HOA Rules and Regulations.

STEP THREE: Lot survey showing the location of the proposed project

Provide a copy of the final physical survey of your lot (provided at closing) locating the proposed project.

STEP FOUR: Drawings, brochures or pictures of project

Provide any illustrations, brochures or any other material that will benefit the committee when reviewing your project.

The items listed above are needed before architectural approval can be considered. Incomplete architectural review requests will be returned. The ARC committee has 30 days from the time a complete request is submitted to respond.

Review requests should be sent directly to the HOA Management Company (along with any necessary attachments) HERE

Need a copy of the Covenants and Bi-Laws? Need an ARC request form? Visit the Documents page. View our helpful Linwood Farms HOA Rules and Regulations