Joining Our Facebook Group

PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU JOIN: Our Facebook Group is a Private Members Group for Linwood Farms HOA members (Home Owners). We verify members, only to be sure that vendors do not join our group and then try to sell us stuff.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t get approved within a few days-You will need to check your Facebook messages for a verification message. And since the admin probably doesn’t know you in that instance, it will most likely go to your “Other” inbox. IF YOU DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR MESSAGE WITHIN 3 WEEKS, YOUR REQUEST TO JOIN WILL BE DELETED, AND YOU WILL HAVE TO SEND A NEW REQUEST IN ORDER TO PROCEED.


Rules for Posting

In order to keep our page friendly and informative, the following post types will NOT be allowed on our Facebook page:

• Any post directing members to your business website.
• Any post requesting participation in an event for your business.
• Any post deemed as “advertising” for your business.

REMEMBER: We have alternative options available to advertise your business to the neighborhood: newsletter ads and member links. Those can be obtained here and here.

For now, we will allow the following types of posts (unless we feel they get out of hand):

• Any post informing the neighborhood of a Yard Sale in the community
• Any post listing a personal item for sale in the community (this does not include the sale of your home).
• Any post listing a service provided by a member of your household, such as babysitting, pet sitting, dog walking, etc. (HOWEVER, if said service is a BUSINESS, you must follow the rules listed above.)

Ok, I’m Ready to Join

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