3 Tips for Spring Lawn Care

Spring Lawn Care

The warm spring weather is quickly approaching and a new gardening season will soon begin. In order to get a good head start for a beautiful lawn and garden, it’s very important to follow a few essential tips for spring lawn care.

The spring season is the best time to get a lawn and garden ready for healthy growth so that the rest of the warm seasons can provide stunning plants, flowers and a healthy green lawn. This not only increases a home’s appeal but it also creates a relaxing environment that everyone can enjoy.

In order to start off on the right foot for spring lawn care, make sure to follow a few simple steps that can and should be done after the last frost of the season.


Many people believe that raking is only done during the autumn season when the fallen leaves cover a lawn; however it’s also very beneficial to rake in the spring to remove any thatch. Thatch is a layer of dead grass and vegetation that lies between the soil and fresh grass. There are a few problems with thatch that will prevent a healthy lawn and can also spread into the garden.

Thatch creates a fairly solid barrier on the ground that prevents proper watering and it’s the perfect cover for many pests that can hide away and multiply in numbers. This greatly affects the health of the lawn and can put other plants in danger for the season. Thatch should be dealt with early on so that disease does not take hold, making it difficult to treat immediately.

It’s important to rake deeply so the thatch is removed. Simply raking the surface lightly will not help because thatch forms more like a solid weaved area than simple decaying plants.


Just as all living things require air, so does a healthy lawn. One of the top things for spring lawn care is proper aeration. Adding holes into the lawn and even mixing up some of the soil is the best way to go. There are machines that can be rented or professional landscapers who can handle aerating laws quickly and efficiently. Aerating a spring lawn helps break up solid compacted soil and allows air to freely enter the ground.


The golden rule for all beautiful lawns and gardens is to fertilize accordingly. Healthy plants and grasses require specific nutrients to help them grow well and withstand pests or disease over time. By fertilizing the soil early on in the spring season, the soil will be prepared for new plants and grass to grow. Without it, some things may grow but they will be far more vulnerable to the most common problems throughout the season. In the end, it can potentially help save time and money having to deal with pest or disease control.

By taking the time to follow a few simple steps for proper spring lawn care, there is a higher chance of getting a lush and healthy garden that anyone would be able to appreciate. Always consider the type of lawn that’s desired and make sure to follow the general guidelines for proper nutrients and care that it needs. Then all that will be needed is simple care throughout spring and summer, along with endless days of enjoyment in the warm weather.

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