Linwood Farms HOA Volume 11, Issue 6 | June 2018
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News from the Board

New Pool House SignOver the past several months, the board has been discussing lighting the parking light by the pool. We had a lighting expert in to map the parking lot and suggest lights that would cover just the parking lot. He produced a grid of the parking lot that showed us where the light would be and the boundaries where lighting would end. Having done that, we started working with three business that cover lighting (Pole and lights), electrical and trenching. All quotes are in and we expect to start work within the next couple of months. If we start immediately, we would get in the way of pool traffic.

Speaking of the pool. Just a reminder to close umbrellas and thank you to those who have closed them. Also, we have been seeing many oversized pool floats being used. This is not acceptable. 28"-32" Sizes are acceptable. Be aware of people around you when using floats. We have also seen homeowners bring in more than the maximum number of guests allowed, which is 4 per household. Homeowners have priority over guests, not the other way around. When entering or leaving the pool, please do not hold the gate open for anyone except your family or your guests. When you let unauthorized people in, you become responsible for them and their actions. Last, pool party requests must be filled out 3 weeks prior to the requested date.

Just a reminder, children are home for the summer. They are playing and riding bikes in the street, please be mindful of the 25 mph speed limit. Also, we are asking for those residents who park on the street to be mindful of your neighbors. In recent weeks we have residents needing Emergency Vehicles and on street parking slowed the response time to our neighbor's home.

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News from the ARC

Over the last several months the ARC Committee and Board have been working to address inequalities across the community regarding HOA Guidelines and Covenants & Restrictions. For some of those who have received letters and/or attended hearings on potential violations, you heard that past committees and management companies let too many things slide by without addressing those violations up front. With that said, that does not change the fact that our Guidelines and CCRs remained as the standard for our community and rules to follow as a homeowner of Linwood Farms. This includes both residents of the community, as well as homes owned by Rental Investors or Companies.  

Every homeowner should have been given the CCRs and Guidelines when a purchase of the home was made. The ARC and Board has made every effort to convey the ability to access all those documents via Annual Meetings, HOA Newsletters, and the HOA Facebook page. All these documents can be found on the HOA Website:

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The recent posts on our HOA page asking about violation letters showing up for possible violations which have gone unchecked, overlooked, or ignored over the years is why we're posting this explanation. It's in hope that everyone is aware and understands that without some action on behalf of the committees, our community stands to lose all control of standards by which those committees are put in charge of. These guidelines are there for each of your own investment in our community; your home! We've received numerous emails and messages of homeowners questioning why people are treated differently both from those who do or don't follow the guidelines, so please understand our goal is to fair to ALL homeowners. The committee members hope this would be your wish too and ask for each of your understanding as we continue to work on this issue. We ask that you keep an open mind and work with the members to resolve those discrepancies. Yes, some of these violations may date back some time, or to previous homeowners who ignored the rules and now the current homeowner is left addressing but believe the members when we say that we will work in every way possible to help address those issues and come to fair and equitable solution for the community as a whole. 

Working between our ARC committee, and William Douglas, regular routine reviews of the community will be conducted to help maintain standards and protect our property values. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and together we can make the community a place that all feel welcomed and place to proud of calling home!

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