Linwood Farms HOA Volume 11, Issue 7 | July 2018
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News from the Board

New Pool House SignDuring our May Annual/Budget meeting, we discussed having a Town Hall Meeting sometime during the summer. The Board met a couple of weeks ago and decided to have our first Town Hall Meeting on August 20th at 7pm to be held at the pool. This is open to all residents. This meeting is not to discuss financials or individual finances. The meeting is to let everyone know what is going on, discuss problems and open the door to suggestions. Since we are holding this under the overhang at the pool, this will be a rain or shine meeting. Hopefully you can attend.

We need to bring to your attention a serious problem that we are seeing at the pool. Namely glass. No glass is allowed at the pool in any shape or form. We have seen people with glass containers next to the pool and even in the pool. This is not acceptable. This is what will happen if any glass is broken and ends up in the pool. First the pool will be closed. Second, the pool will be completely drained. The drain covers will need to be removed to inspect for glass fragments that might be sucked into the pumps. Any glass in the pool will then be removed and the Health Department has to be called to reinspect the pool. Only then will the pool be refilled. After refilling, fresh chemical will be introduced and we will have to wait for the levels to normalize. If a pump is damaged, we will be looking at a $10,000 bill. Having the pool company come in to empty, clean, inspect, refill and chemically retreat the pool would cost around $5,000, plus the cost of the Health Department inspection. All these costs would be passed on to the person that caused this problem or in the case of a guest, the homeowner that brought them in. That’s not to mention that the pool would be closed for 5 to 7 days. This is something w do not want to see happening. Please NO GLASS.

If your going out in this heat, please stay hydrated and please do not leave your pets outdoors. They can succumb to the heat in the same way as humans.

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