Linwood Farms HOA Volume 11, Issue 1 | January 2018
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News from the Board

New Pool House SignWe hope that everyone had a happy and healthy holiday season and that going from summer temperatures to winter freezes didn’t hinder events. We would also like to thank all those homeowners that propped up the Christmas Tree every time it fell over. We’ll figure out how to anchor it down better next year to prevent wind damage and vandalism.

Probably starting sometime in late February or early March, you will be seeing some activity at the pool. Our plumber will be doing some work there. Also, our electrician will be tracing some lines. Ryland bunched a group of circuits together into one junction box and we need to separate them out. So, don’t be surprised if you see a truck or two backed up to the pool.

Now onto another subject that has been brought up numerous times in the past. ARC Requests. Any change to the exterior of your home requires you to file an ARC Request and wait for approval. Too many times we have not received requests and work was done or a request was filed after work was done. Be aware that if a change does not fall into our CC&R’s or guidelines, you may be required to remove the change. There is also a fine for not filing a request. There is a twofold reason that the Request be properly filed. The first being a paper trail that protects you. If work is done with the proper approval being received, no future Board or ARC Committee can require you to remove or change whatever was approved. Who knows what Guidelines may be established in the future. The other is to protect the community from work being done that may affect the property values in our community. We thank those that have followed the ARC filing rules. We have had people tell us that they have not read the CC&R’s and made changes without filing. This is not an excuse. Our CC&R’s and Guidelines are published on our website at If you cannot find an answer to a question, you can always contact the Board or ARC through our website.

As far as the proposed community across Linwood Road, as of this time, we have no additional information. We will keep you informed of any information that we receive.

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News from the ARC

The mailboxes in the Linwood Farms Community are now all reaching a decade or more in age and the original mailboxes installed by Ryland Homes are not the best in quality. There has been one alternative that has had a good bit of opposition due to costs so the Board and Architectural Review Committee has sought a reasonable alternative. It has been decided that a new Wendover model mailbox available from Carolina Mailboxes in Charlotte is now approved as an alternate. We now have three options available:

• The original wooden mailboxes installed by Ryland which must be maintained in a presentable manner. The color can be the original dark hunter green or can match the color of the homes front door/shutters.

• A new Wendover model mailbox available from Carolina Mailboxes in Charlotte. Price is $137.00 and if you choose to have it installed they will do it for $60.00. It’s not as heavy duty as the one from Watson Steel, but has a very similar style and more reasonable in cost.

• Watson Steel and Iron is the final option. To contact Watson Steel and Iron about a new mailbox, call (704) 821-7140. Tell them you are in Linwood Farms Subdivision in Mooresville, and they have (and will install) the approved mail boxes for our neighborhood. The cost for this one is a bit over $300.

As always, please make sure to file an ARC request before making any changes including changing your mailbox to an approved style.

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