Linwood Farms HOA Volume 11, Issue 2 | February 2018
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News from the Board

New Pool House SignMarch first is quickly approaching which means your first installment of your annual dues must be sent in. Everyone should have received their coupon book roughly 2 or 3 weeks ago. If you have not, please notify William Douglas and let them know. As always, you have the option to pay by check or on the William Douglas website. As a reminder, if dues are not received by the end of March a late fee will automatically be assessed. Thanks to all the homeowners who have already paid their first installment.

Last month I notified everyone that they should be aware that we have various contractors that will be showing up at the pool off and on (plumbing & electrical). The pool company just dropped off the chemicals and will be doing pressure testing within the next week or so. Just a head up so you’re not surprised when you see all the people coming and going. The pool is normally inspected by the Board of Health and other inspectors sometime in April, which mean preparations start now to get everything into shape.

We’ve already been asked by some people for key FOB’s that were lost or were not passed to them by previous owners. We will start that process a couple of weeks prior to the pool opening. 

Hopefully everyone is enjoying this seesaw weather (sarcasm). Maybe the warm weather will actually get here early for all of us to enjoy.

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News from the ARC

We're Here to Help

Dear Fellow Linwood Farm residents – reminder as Spring approaches and outdoor work will soon begin: 

One of the important features of our existence as a covenanted, self-governing community is the guidance provided by the Architectural Review Committee. The Committee aims to help us maintain accepted policies and procedures for new construction, renovation, and the protection of our property, land and homes.

On behalf of the Committee I would like to urge you to make use of us whenever you plan construction or renovation projects. It is especially important to bring us in during the planning process, as some of the guidance we might have may affect your plans or the manner in which you or your contractors carry them out. You can find detailed information, along with the appropriate forms to use for a Proposal for review, on our web site listed under the Architectural Review Committee. Please familiarize yourself with them for possible future use.

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In general, any change that impacts the footprint, elevation, outward appearance, grading, fencing or landscaping, including the removal or trimming of large trees, requires an Architectural Request Review. So, when in doubt, please contact the ARC. When an Architectural Review is required, it will be distributed among the members of the Committee for review. We make every effort to give you a fast turn-around to expedite your project. We are happy to see people improve their homes and properties, and want to help you do this in accordance with the covenants and by-laws to which we have all agreed. 

Thanks for your attention to these matters. The ARC will always be available for your questions about how to proceed.

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