Linwood Farms HOA Volume 11, Issue 8 | August 2018
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News from the Board

New Pool House SignOver the past few weeks we have had three incidents of fecal material being released into the pool. After every time the pool was shut and the pool company shocked the pool as per County, State and Federal guidelines. Many questions have been asked about the penalties that can incur for causing this situation. Let me answer that question. First, all costs involved will be charged to that Homeowner/Renter, fines can be imposed and finally, we can suspend their access to the pool.

Now onto another concern of ours. Glass at the pool. We have rules posted that state “NO GLASS” at the pool. We have written in Newsletters and on Facebook that GLASS is NOT ALLOWED at the pool. We have stated very clearly the reason why. Why are we bringing it up again? Because we have found glass containers at the pool. To make sure there is no misunderstanding, let us state very clearly what will happen if we find someone with glass at the pool or in the worst case, they break glass and it goes into the pool. If we catch anyone or see anyone with glass around the pool, their privileges will be suspended period. If they break glass and it causes us to shut down, all costs associated with cleanup will be charged to that Homeowner/Renter and their privileges suspended.  The cost will be as follows. The cost to empty the pool, the cost to clean the pool. If glass is ingested into the pump system and damage is done, the cost to repair or replace that system, the cost to fill the pool and all the chemicals needed to bring it up to mandatory levels. This cost can be anywhere from $4000.00 to $10,000.00 depending on the extent of damage. DO NOT BRING GLASS TO THE POOL.

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION:A few days ago, we received memos from the Iredell County Health Department. They have reported a case of Cryptosporidiosis Virus in a swimmer who was in Lake Norman. They have also reported several cases in Local Public Swimming Pools (Not Community or private). We have shocked the pool 3 times in 3 weeks which takes care of this problem. Having said that, they are telling us that the CDC is recommending that everyone should Hyper-Chlorinate the pools. This requires us to shut the pool for 24 hours and increase the chlorine levels higher than normal. When they drop down, we can open the pool. As I stated, normally 24 hours. We have picked Monday, August 20th. To do this because there is a 50% chance of rain and hopefully won’t inconvenience to many people. We will probably do this again prior to opening next year and maybe once more mid-season. If you followed what happened at the White-Water Site in Charlotte, you will understand why we are taking this seriously.

School will be starting very shortly, so drivers be mindful of the children.

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