Linwood Farms HOA Volume 10, Issue 7 | July 2017
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New Pool House SignNow that summer is in full swing, a few issues need to be addressed. Over the past few weeks, a couple of homeowners have brought over-sized rafts to the pool. These rafts are not only infringing on the other homeowners that are using the pool, but are a hazard. These over-sized rafts are not allowed. Also, we have a smoking area for a reason. Most pools in our area are smoke free. We decided to go against the trend and designate a separate area for smokers. Please use that area and leave the rest of the pool smoke free. Finally, the rules state there should not be any alcohol at the pool. Most homeowners have been respectful of this rule and at least have tried to keep things from view. Others have been floating around the pool with drinks in hand flaunting it in front of us. This has to stop. Violators will have their key FOBS turned off and be suspended from the pool for 60 days.

This summer, the attendance at the pool has been more than in any previous year. When we observe the rules, everyone can enjoy themselves. Enjoy the rest of the summer.

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