Linwood Farms HOA Volume 9, Issue 1 | January 2016
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News from the Board

Bill McGeeOur apologies for the late newsletter, we had some business to attend to before we could send out this news. The Board would like to announce that Dan Callaghan has resigned from the Board for personal reasons. Dan has contributed a tremendous amount of his time and has been a major contributor to the fixes, upgrades and improvements to the HOA properties and community in general. We will miss his voice on the Board. At this time, we would also like to announce that the Board has asked Bill McGee to join us. He has agreed to fill Dan’s Board seat. Bill works for Lowes and brings a tremendous amount of knowledge to the Board, not only on the construction side, but on the insurance end. Most people in the community do not realize that we have to carry different forms of Commercial Insurance and Bill fills this knowledge void. Let’s all welcome him to the Board.

We would also like to update everyone on the construction that is taking place at the pool. The front entrance support beams on the pool house have been replaced and are waiting to be painted. Two main joists (24.5Ft Long) have been replaced on the building on the pool side. At that time, we found another beam was rotted out and that too has been replaced. All of the joists have had aluminum caps put on them to prevent water rot. The original joists did not have them. All will be painted shortly. Also, two rotted doors will be replaced this coming week with commercial grade metal doors and galvanized vents to prevent rot and also reduce heat buildup in our pump and chemical rooms. Again, we ask if there are any volunteers to join the various committees, i.e. pool, social and landscaping. Up to date we have 2 people that expressed an interest. Hopefully, more will step up.

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A Message from the ARC


ARC would like to remind everyone that any changes to the outside of your home and property require you to submit an ARC request. Too many people have failed to do so and this can result in a $100 fine and removal of any changes. The ARC requested must be submitted along with a property Plat (site survey that came with your home at closing), Material list if any used, color, and design. Hand drawings of properties are not allowed. Hand drawings fail to show setbacks, property lines and actual property measurements. We need all this information to make an informed decision whether to approve or not. The same goes for roof (shingles) replacement. We need material, design and color. No shingle replacement request will be denied, but color, material and design must be approved.

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