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News from the Board

Board of Directors

Two very important items to be aware of this month:

  1. Our Annual Meeting is this week. It is scheduled for Wednesday the 20th at the Charles Mack Center to start promptly at 6pm. We need 67 homes or Proxies to actually start the meeting. If you do not plan on attending, please give your signed proxy to someone who is. Also, Lori Steward who chairs the Social Committee is collecting Proxies. You can contact her through our website.
  2. Once again, Linwood Farms has been chosen to have a commercial filmed in our neighborhood. The trucks, which will be many, will start arriving early Wednesday morning (the 20th) and are scheduled to be in our neighborhood all day. The Board is allowing the film crews to use our pool area, under the awning only, to serve lunch to their workers. The crews are being advised not to block driveways and to clean up after themselves prior to leaving. The homeowners where filming is taking place have already been notified. The homeowners that live near that area and potentially will have vehicles parked in front of their homes will be notified by the time this newsletter comes out.

Having these commercials filmed in our neighborhood says a lot. They searched the Mooresville area and it came down to only 2 communities. When the Director drove through last Thursday, we were selected. Bragging Rights.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the warmer weather.

News from the Social Committee

Dear Linwood Farms Residents,
Summer is almost here! We hope you all are planning fun activities for your families.

The Social Committee is looking for members to help plan events. As of today there is only one active member, which is far too little to plan any events.

So if you enjoy planning parties or want an opportunity to meet new people, please contact the Social committee on our website. Without volunteers it will be difficult to host neighborhood events.

Thank you for your consideration!
Lori Stewart

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