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September 2014
Volume 7, Issue 9 September 2014
 News from the Board
Board of Directors

All good things must come to an end. This includes the summer pool season. The pool will be closing for the winter at 8pm on September 28th. Of course, if the weather turns drastically colder before then, the closing can come earlier. During the first week of October, the Board will be meeting to discuss any pool repairs needed prior to opening for the 2015 summer season. This includes deck repairs, bathroom floor resurfacing, pool resurfacing (fiberglass vs Plaster), tile replacement and other things that need to be done. We’ll keep everyone informed in upcoming newsletters.


As a reminder. Even though many homeowners take extreme pride in maintaining their properties, there have been numerous violations concerning the upkeep of homeowner lawns. We have brought this subject up many times over the past two years. The fall is the time to work on growing grass. Lawns planted in the spring tend to die out. We have noticed many homes with weed lawns or bare lawns and we have heard a ton of different excuses. The Board has spoken to many homeowners and have given them until November to make corrections. Now is the time to kill the weeds, fertilize, aerate and seed. We have heard from various homeowners and Realtors that potential home buyers have made comments about the state of homeowner’s lawns and property. We know that this has not only effected the sale of homes, but also the values. When homes don’t sell, we end up with national rental companies buying them at a discount price. We can tell you from experience, this is becoming a nightmare when it comes time to deal with them. Their numbers are increasing in our neighborhood. So let’s turn our neighborhood into a showcase community that everyone wants to move to.


October is fast approaching. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from the Social committee about the upcoming Booooooing season. Hope everyone is stocking up on goodies to give out.

 Social Committee
Social News

Dear Linwood Farm Residents,
Is anyone anxious for cooler weather, apple, picking or perhaps...Halloween?  The Social Committee is excited about autumn and the fun it brings.  We will kick off our Annual Neighborhood Booing the first week of October.  If you recieve a treat, then you've been boo'ed!  Then it's your turn to have a little fun.  

The Neighborhood Booing is an event where neighbors secretly drop off a small ($5 or less) treat bag on another neighbor's front porch.  Nect ring the bell and run like mad!  Here's how it works:

  1. Place the "I've Been Boo'ed" sign on your front door or window (or else you could be "boo'ed again)
  2. Make 2 copies of the poem/instruction sheet and the "I've been boo'ed" signs.
  3. Assemble 2 treat bags for neighbors you'd like to "boo." (Be sure not to boo anyone with the "I've been boo'ed" sign on their front door or window.)
  4. Place the copied signs/instructions inside the treat bags.
  5. Go ring a neighbor's bell and leave the treat.  Have fun being sneaky!

If you are leaving chocolate, be sure to do it during cooler times or out of direct sunlight so it doesn't melt.   People in the past have given "fall" items such as pumpkin hand soap, candies, a autmnal dish towel, small votive candle, etc.  Think of your neighbor and make it unique to them.  This event is great for new families.  If you don't know them, it's a great time to make them feel welcomed in our neighborhood.

Trick-or Treating: Friday, October 31st
Just a reminder that our little goblins will be flying around our neighborhood on Halloween night.  It has been customary to turn on your porch light if you wish to hand out treats to the trick-or-treaters.  If you aren't, please consider turning out your lights during trick-or-treat hours.  Traditionally, trick-or-treating begins around 5:30-8:30PM.  But don't be surprised if some excited little ones begin closer to 5PM.  We do ask that families not ring bells after 9:00PM.  

Quick Safety Tips:

  1. Keep your porch and sidewalks clear of objects that children and parents can trip on.
  2. Use flashlights or reflective tape on costumes
  3. Make sure costumes do not drag on the ground to avoid tripping
  4. Trick-or-treat with your child or have older children go in groups.  Never trick-or-treat alone.
  5. Parents should inspect candy before serving to children
  6. Do not go into people's homes when trick-or-treating (to get candy or to go through a haunted house display) 
  7. Never leave lit pumpkins unattended.  Consider using battery operated lights instead of candles.

Have a safe and howling good time!
LF Social Committee

 Upcoming Events

Pool Closes - September 28

Booing Begins - October 1


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Landscape Committee

This month our Committee has no news to report.

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Pool Committee

Pool Committee

POOL WILL CLOSE 9/28/2014.

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