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Volume 7, Issue 2 February 2014
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Dear Linwood Farms Families,
We hope you enjoyed the snow. We've heard many people taking the snow days to clean out closets and reorganize. If you are one of those productive residents then maybe you have lots of stuff to get rid of! We will have our Annual Linwood Farms Neighborhood Yard Sale on Saturday, March 29th from 8AM-2PM. We have changed the hours this year based off of input we received from you.

We will do the advertising in the Mooresville Tribune, Craigslist, and post signs with directions on Hwy 3, Williford, and Main Street by Isy Bell's.

So you have 5 weeks to clean out, reorganize and categorize your "stuff!" Here are some simple tips to help have a successful yard sale:

1. If you live in a cul-de-sac, consider joining in with a friend who lives closer to the main entrance to the neighborhood; we receive more traffic on the "main" roads in our neighborhood.
2. Join a neighbor if you don't have that much stuff to get rid of. Avid yard salers look for garages/yards that are more full and are more likely to stop if there are many items.
3. Have plenty of change (dollars and quarters) available to make change for your sales. Have a secure place to keep your money.
4. Put away your pets. Some people are allergic or fearful of animals.
5. Price all your items. Either group them in bins marked with a price or individually. People tend to walk away if they don't know the price.
6. Be prepared to negotiate.
7. Consider playing music in the background. This breaks up the "awkward" silence if a single yard saler comes by to look.
8. Smile and be friendly.
9. Hang balloons on your mailbox to indicate you are participating (or a large sign)
10. Consider donating your items that did not sell. Remember, do not donate anything that is broken, missing pieces or torn.

Good luck with your sale!

LF Social Committee


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Annual Neighborhood Yard Sale - Saturday, March 29, 8 AM until 2 PM

SAVE THE DATE: Annual Egg Hunt - Saturday, April 5


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